The Redmond have already launched its streaming music service so it can be heard anywhere in the world from a browser. All those who have Xbox Music and can use the service are very similar to that can be found in Windows 8.1.

You will not need to have any application installed on your computer. Now from the website will be accessible to millions of songs from almost all of the time bands for free to all those with the Xbox Music Pass.


Remember that the pass Xbox Music is not free because you need to have an Xbox and pay or 9.99 euros per month or 99.90 per year. Microsoft gives a chance to try 30 days free of charge.

Access from anywhere

The system, as we have said, is very similar to the app that comes standard with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, only the interface does not have the same visual richness. But the truth is that it works very well. The web player can share and listen from any device, either the computer, the Xbox or Windows Phone.

Also the interface is very simple and controlled everything the first time. The playback bar placed at the bottom of the interface providing options to control music playback, volume, and having a repeat switch partition.

Interestingly, Microsoft says “Xbox Music Pass is available on PCs, tablets, Xbox 360, phone and on the web”, suggesting that the company could be ready to launch additional applications for iOS and Android. Already last year, the presentation of the E3 Xbox Music there was a mention of this possibility, although not yet officially said anything.

What is clear is that many Windows users have iOS and Android phones, and develop an application for both platforms would be very beneficial for them and for Windows and taking into account the plans of both Apple and Google in relation to streaming music.