The arrival of the fingerprint was a breakthrough as regards the protection of our devices and the data they are home. A step forward, in this discipline similar to what they are doing from the laboratory of the Australian scientific. Industrial research organization Data 61, which will allow our way of walking to be used as a password and recognized by our device facing our authentication.

password on your mobile

As summarized in the document published by Data 61 this process takes place thanks to the kinetic energy. That we all generate at each step and to the exclusivity of our way of walking which is personal in each one of us. This makes that as with the fingerprint once it is recognized by a smartphone nobody can access it, since its copy is practically impossible.

For this to take place, the device monitors the energy we generate in each gear and, more specifically the pattern of the gear. Thus, it generates a unique signature solving first yes the small ascents and descents originated by our peculiar way of walking. Also, and incidentally we discovered a way to back up the energy that feeds the devices through our kinetic energy. In the words of Sara of Data 61: We have developed a good way to reach both at the same time.

There are many hopes in a new technology that allows us to use our way of walking as a password more after the results obtained in the tests that included 20 people in different lands. Its accuracy is 95%, and its consumption reduced by 78% compared to other past attempts have made experts believe in its viability more if we consider that only 13 out of 100 times could be pirated.

It is safer than passwords because it is harder to imitate since it keeps the user authentication continuously collecting. A significant amount of information about our movements which makes it as we said harder to copy or hack as opposed to guessing passwords or PIN codes.